About us

Founding Members

Bevin McLeod, Co-Founder and President, Bevin McLeod holds degrees in Economics and International Political Economy from the University of Washington. She is a founder of Alliance for a Healthy Washington, working to promote policy that furthers efforts at sustainable and equitable healthcare reform. Cumulatively, she brings almost 20 years of professional experience across a wide range of industries. Specifically, she has cultivated lasting relationships with community leaders, state legislators, policy experts, and key local and statewide elected officials and their staff through political and non-profit management. She has worked directly with diverse communities in grant-writing and community development efforts, with state agencies, and has managed teams in building organizational capacity.

Most recently in her roles with Health Care for All-WA, Alliance for a Healthy WA, and Seattle/King County NAACP, she has managed and developed legislative and organizational strategy while working alongside government offices and key legislative partners from diverse geographic districts in order to further organizational goals through research, advocacy, and assessment. She is passionate about social justice and equity issues, and works to promote healthy communities at all levels.


Rep. Nicole Macri, Vice President, is an elected official representing the 43rd Legislative District of Washington State, and is a leader in working to bring comprehensive, sustainable, equitable, and affordable healthcare reform to our state. She has over 20 years of experience championing reform issues around affordable housing, homelessness, human services, and mental health. Having been at the forefront of the Housing First movement nationally, she is a recognized leader in practical and effective strategies that end the homelessness of people living with serious disabilities. Nicole holds a bachelors degree from Rutgers University and a masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington. 


Nicole Gomez, Co-Founder & Secretary, moved to Seattle in 2002. She has worked as a crime victim’s advocate, a legal assistant in real estate and in workers’ compensation law, and as an aide for a senior member of the Texas State Legislature. For the past 15 years, Nicole has been in the workers’ compensation field and has handled claims in multiple states including Longshore/Maritime. As such, she has become attuned to the issues with the policies surrounding workers’ compensation, the healthcare and insurance industries, employment issues, and vocational rehabilitation. Nicole is active in community organizing and GOTV efforts. She holds degrees in Political Science and Communications from the University of Washington and a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. 


Jessa Lewis, Board Member, was born in Colville and raised in Spokane. She served as the Eastern Washington Director of Healthcare for All – WA and most recently ran for State Senate in 2018. Her background also includes environmental education, natural economy, tribal issues, and energy security. Lewis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management and Energy Policy from Evergreen State College, and is an MBA candidate at Presidio Graduate School (Pinchot). 



Heather Erb, Board Member, proudly serves nonprofit organizations, tribal governments and other organizations in the areas of health care, public health, emergency preparedness, government relations, corporate governance, 501(c)(3) formation and maintenance, contract drafting and negotiation, and code/ordinance development. She has been practicing law for the last fifteen years.

Currently, in her representation of the American Indian Health Commission, Heather is working on legislation that addresses Indian health improvement in Washington state. She has previously provided training and outreach to state agencies, tribal representatives, and Indian health program staff and administration across Washington State on Indian health legal policy including American Indian and Alaska Native income tax exemptions, Medicaid expansion, cost sharing, premium sponsorship, and contracting with qualified health plans. She has drafted numerous state tribal consultation policies as well as proposed revisions to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner and Health Care Authority Washington administrative codes.