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Washingtonians do better when we are healthy.


Advancing healthcare for all.

We champion transformative healthcare system reform at all levels of government.


Together we are stronger.

Collaboration with member organizations strengthens our shared vision for policy advocacy.


Healthy people thrive.

Healthy people means a healthy
economy. Our vision is to achieve healthcare
system reform through unified coalition building.

about us.

Alliance for a Healthy Washington (AHW) is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization for health care system reform in Washington State.

The road to true reform is challenging but through unified coalition building, it is achievable.

A thriving economy is just one benefit of a healthy community. With a healthy Washington, residents and businesses will prosper.

As a member-based group, AHW will advocate for WA State residents in order to enact sustainable, fair, and transformative health care policy that both advances our health care system while also addressing our current health care crises.

AHW plays a key role in generating public support for health care reform into action at the federal, state, and local levels. 

Our Focus.

During the 2019 Legislative Session, AHW took the lead on advocacy in winning the Pathway to Universal Healthcare Workgroup.

We also supported and advocated on other important health legislation such as Reproductive Healthcare for All, the American Indian Health Parity Act, state behavioral health systems reform, the HEAL Act, Cascade Care, and several more.

In 2020, we sat on the Universal Health Care Work Group and worked on recommendations to the Washington State Legislature which were provided in January of 2021.

From those recommendations, we co-drafted and helped to pass legislation to form a permanent commission which will design a universal health care system for the State of Washington. The legislation was signed by Gov. Inslee on May 13, 2021, and the commission began work on transitioning WA State to a universally financed health care system. Now our main focus is on designing a health care system that will work for all Washingtonians, while also continuing expand access to care along the way.

While this is a fledgling organization, it already has made significant progress. With continued outreach, advocacy, and fundraising efforts it could become a leader in both the state and the region on moving the needle on systemic change within our fragmented and unsustainable system.

 Interested in becoming a member?
Visit our membership page.

Alliance for a Healthy Washington’s Board of Directors is compromised of a team of well-known and respected experts in
government policy, research, advocacy, and community outreach and activism. We look forward to working with you.

If you are interested in a board position, please contact Bevin or Nicole G. for further details.

Support the work we do.

Imagine a Washington where you, your loved ones, or co-workers never need to use a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for cancer treatment, or a major surgery. Imagine never having to haggle with your insurance company over approval for treatment, or medical equipment, your doctor recommends. Imagine being able to focus on your recovery when you are sick. 

Please help us continue this important work by making a donation* today. 

Thank you for supporting AHW as we work to expand access to affordable healthcare throughout Washington State.

* AHW is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Donations are not tax-deducible.

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Alliance for a Healthy Washington would like to help you speak out about issues you've faced accessing and/or affording health care. Stories bring substance, detail, and urgency to the health policy process.

Opportunities range from very public to less public. For example, speaking with the press or testifying before policymakers to providing a case study in a policy brief, or helping us better understand an issue.

After submitting this form, a board member of our organization may contact you to learn more about your situation, or to discuss potential opportunities to share your story more publicly. Please do not send any protected health information. Reach out to us by submitting a message below.

Alternatively, you may email us at:
Bevin McLeod by email at, or
Nicole Gomez at
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Contact us anytime. We are here to lend our support.

About us

Our board members are located all over WA State.

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