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4 actions to close out week 4 at #waleg

1. Universal health care commission - SB 5399

SB 5399 codifies the legislature’s intent to establish a state-based universal health care plan by 2026 by establishing a commission to guide implementation. 

Currently, SB 5399 has 17 senate co-sponsors including: RandallClevelandDasDhingraFrocktHuntKudererLiiasLovelettNguyenNoblesRobinsonSaldañaStanfordVan DeWegeWellmanWilson, C.

The below factsheet describes SB 5399 further.

Also, check out this news article by The Stranger on Jan. 19, 2021 entitled Single-Payer Health Care is Here by 2026, If We Want It.

Please support this bill by:

  1. Contacting your legislators to politely request their support of SB 5399. Send your message here: If your senator is already a sponsor, please thank them for leading on the issue of universal health care.
  2. Sharing your health care story by clicking the button below.

2. Dental therapy - SB 5142

Help authorize dental therapy statewide by requesting a hearing on SB 5142. Let’s make oral health more equitable and accessible. 

Visit our friends at the Washington Dental Access Campaign to learn more.

3. Extending coverage during postpartum - SB 5068

SB 5068 was referred to Senate Ways & Means on Jan. 27. Please ask your senator to request a hearing in Ways & Means. 

This significant piece of legislation expands postpartum coverage by one-year through Apple Health for eligible, low-income women.

When postpartum health issues go untreated, babies and moms suffer, and it costs tax-payers more in the long-run. Also, expanding coverage now prevents unnecessary postpartum deaths in the future. It’s the right thing to do for WA.

4. Health system transparency - HB 1272

HB 1272 was scheduled for a hearing in the house committee on health care and wellness this week. 

Health care costs continue to increase and hospitals are a significant cost driver. It is important that we, the public and policymakers, understand why our healthcare costs are increasing.

This bill adds new requirements for reporting from ambulatory surgical facilities and hospitals on revenue and expenditures.

Please ask your representatives to support HB 1272.