Why Your Organization Should Join AHW




Benefits of Joining

Streamlined Voice.
Develop and vote on the AHW legislative priorities. Aligning with member organizations strengthens our shared vision for advocacy efforts, and leverages community voices otherwise underutilized.

Member Education.
Collaboration and education with other member organizations. Explore fresh ideas and perspectives, while deepening your scope of understanding and context within the broad healthcare community.

Participate in healthcare roundtables throughout the state geared towards constructive conversations between local and federal policy proposals with key stakeholders and elected officials. Activate earned media opportunities through events and published reports.

Returns on Your Investment

Legislative Advocacy.
Speaking in a unified voice changes policy and drives the political will needed to shift the status quo. As a member organization you will be an integral part of a team that achieves significant legislative wins.

Cost Savings.
We understand that being a member of an organization should help your bottom line. AHW does that by reducing the time you need to spend on advocacy, expanding your network, and by fighting for shared goals while you focus on your organization’s mission.

Social Impact.
Be recognized as a change agent locally, regionally, and nationally. Through your participation in AHW, your organization will be a catalyst for systemic change.

Training Opportunities.
There is always room to grow and learn. As a member, you will have access to programs designed especially for AHW members.

Forward Looking

Here at AHW we are vision setting. Below are some plans for the future of our organization.

In addition to membership information, the quarterly newsletter “AHW Exclusives” will provide timely information about news, workshops, events, advocacy issues, and other items of interest.

Articles, surveys, white papers, data, and studies from national, state, and local entities will be available in one location for your quick reference.

Develop education and training programs for the public on healthcare policy, citizen lobbying, existing programs, and what is happening real-time with policy proposals at the state, regional, and national levels.

We know that healthcare and environmental issues are intrinsically interconnected. We will expand to develop policy proposals that encompass both of these incredibly important issues.

Full system reform is going to be achieved by working with other states that are looking to tackle the crises that we all face. AHW aims to be a conduit for those conversations.

Become an Organizational Member

We are now accepting new organizational members. Membership fees are on a sliding scale basis. Sign up today by filling out the below form and someone from Alliance for a Healthy Washington will be in touch soon.

Conditions and Terms of Membership:

Application for organizational voting membership shall be open to any company (for-profit, nonprofit, union, or other organizations) in good standing in Washington State or nationwide that supports the mission of AHW.


  • Completion of membership application;
  • Application approval; and
  • Upon application approval, payment of annual dues:
    • Dues are set annually by the AHW board and based upon your organization’s budget and ability to pay. In 2021-22, dues are tiered at the following levels to help us keep sustaining funds year round: $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000.
    • Members have found that if they consider their net revenues, employees, the importance of healthcare system reform, and the cost of hiring a lobbyist to advocate for healthcare for everyone, they were able to appropriately place their organization into one of the tiers.
    • We are an organization deeply committed to equity. If you cannot afford one of the membership levels, please contact us.
Apply for Membership
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